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William has spent over fifteen years as a senior manager in the area of education and social policy. He has contributed to national policy, presented before the OCED and delivered a vision of empowerment from the TED stage. In 2019 he returned to Dublin and put himself forward as a Green Party candidate for the local (government) elections. He was honoured to receive the most first preference votes of all candidates standing for election in South Dublin County Council.

As well as being an advocate for the most at-risk in society, he has consistently campaigned for a cleaner, more transparent political system. Ireland’s continued unwillingness to tackle climate change is one of the main reasons for his decision to stand for election in his local community. Outside of his professional life, William wrote the award-winning ‘Inferno, Kid’ spoken-word performance piece, which debuted at the Limerick Fringe in 2019. The show was subsequently invited to partake in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2019.



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