Dear Fellow Graduate,

In representing Ireland's most prestigious university, TCD's senators must give a voice to those who have traditionally been excluded. Sadly, this has not been the case for quite some time. 

I currently direct youth services in one of Limerick's poorest communities and have over ten years' experience working in areas of acute poverty and disadvantage. As a former president of both the TCD Students' Union and the Union of Student in Ireland, I have a proven track record in speaking up for those who otherwise would not be heard. If elected to represent Trinity in the Seanad in 2016, I will be a strong voice for equality of opportunity, sustainability and innovation.





A quarter of all Irish adults scored in the lowest level of literacy in the last International Adult Literacy Survey

We must prioritise ‘Life Long Learning’ and invest in learning outside of the classroom. Creating a fairer third level grant scheme is essential if we are to truly make third level education accessible. I will prioritise:

- Supporting community access programmes
- Expanding and strengthen the Trinity Access Programme (TAP)
- Raising the student grant to match welfare
payments, where appropriate


Empathy, creativity and teamwork are the future of education. We must adopt a more holistic approach to formal education

Many elements of our education system have not changed since Victorian times. We must embrace the importance of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills for the 21st century workplace.

- Smaller class sizes for children and improved special needs support
- Promotion of mental health, resilience and
mindfulness for young people
- Optional social service in lieu of third level
registration fee



A smart economy is a green economy.
There is a huge opportunity to develop a lucrative green technology sector.

There is currently no Green voice in the Oireachtas. In addition to the urgency of climate change, I will set the agenda for economic development that is sustainable and profitable.

I will campaign to:
- Lobby to establish a TCD Institute of Green
- Efficient economic development of forestry,
fisheries & organic industries
- Establish Ireland as the home of ‘Green’
cloud computer