Inferno, Kid

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‘Inferno, Kid’ is a coming of age tale on a path strewn with vice and vanquished hope. The story is told through nine chapters written in a hip-hop/rap cadence.

'Inferno, Kid' tells the story of a young man growing up on a tough estate in Limerick. It is set around 2010 when the city was the focal  point of national media coverage and state investment. The chapters offer a gritty framework for poverty, crime and social engineering. It is an unvarnished social commentary with a hugely challenging main character.

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Chapter 1: Gangland

  1. I don’t know who was worse
  2. Destroying my Street
  3. Crime and drugs
  4. Or the state’s conceit  
  5. Gangland names
  6. Were enough of a threat
  7. Fixed stares and eyes
  8. You’d be sorry you met
  9. Some were local
  10. Some from over the sea
  11. From sink estates
  12. And hostile esprit
  13. Those that came first
  14. Raised the tit-for-tat
  15. Omertà became law
  16. Death to the rat
  17. People lived in fear
  18. With doors tightly shut
  19. Eyes fixed to the ground
  20. To avoid getting cut
  21. Heroin buried in your garden?
  22. Wasn’t worth telling the Shades
  23. The trouble only began
  24. With three fire brigades
  25. Would the Shades be there
  26. To hold my Mam’s hand
  27. When the windows come crashing in
  28. After taking a stand?
  29. The state will protect you
  30. Just let the Shades know
  31. Will they walk the child to school?
  32. The answer is no
  33. The gang had an army
  34. Every soldier a lost soul
  35. The swagger and the venom
  36. Over pity and the dole
  37. Beyond the flash cars
  38. The money and the bling
  39. Was a ruthlessness unknown
  40. All hail to the king!
  41. Nothing went unpunished
  42. Business or a slight
  43. Soft enemies quickly fell
  44. Knives at a gunfight
  45. James disappeared
  46. Amongst the briar
  47. Behind a broken fence
  48. And rusted barbed wire
  49. It didn’t happen in the mountains
  50. Or out in the wood
  51. It was the heart of the city
  52. Because they could
  53. He knew it was coming
  54. The old train track
  55. The cold eyes about him
  56. The tools in the sack
  57. The railway gates
  58. Were a subtle marker
  59. The edge of control
  60. And now something darker
  61. Like so much else here
  62. There was another era
  63. Free from fear
  64. And the drugs’ chimera
  65. The tracks were a getaway
  66. And a coming of age
  67. My parents’ generation
  68. Finding a stage
  69. So much would happen
  70. To tarnish that shine
  71. The tracks became a dark place
  72. of sinister rhyme
  73. The depths of that evil
  74. Was coming around
  75. James openly wept
  76. As he fell to the ground
  77. He pleaded like a child
  78. For mercy or reprieve
  79. Soiling the earth
  80. He knew he’d never leave
  81. There’s so much hidden
  82. Buried in that soil
  83. Secrets under bodies
  84. A macabre toil
  85. You leave us to rot
  86. Alone with these thugs
  87. Band-aid solutions
  88. And collective shrugs
  89. Down by the train tracks
  90. You’ll hear no funeral knell
  91. See no grave stone or markings
  92. Where James quickly fell
  93. But if you listen real careful
  94. A sound so deprave
  95. The gentle faint thud
  96. Of a man digging his own grave
  97.               *                             
  98. Shooting other criminals
  99. Is all well and fine
  100. But taxpayers and voters
  101. Crosses a red line
  102. A rugby player from Garryowen
  103. The club not the place
  104. One is a bourgeois mecca
  105. The other viewed without grace
  106. Shane was murdered
  107. In a case of wrong ID
  108. They’d mixed up classes
  109. And that was the key
  110. Fear gripped the whole city
  111. Us free from our cage
  112. Taxpayers suddenly worried
  113. Of a living court page
  114. You see it’s fine for my Mam
  115. To live in fear all her life
  116. Worried to death
  117. Drowning in strife
  118. A stream of pills
  119. Reduced her to a wreck
  120. Up all night in terror
  121. You’ve some brass neck
  122. Brass neck to suggest
  123. You ever really cared
  124. About our daily trauma
  125. Till someone dared
  126. To open your eyes
  127. To how we survive
  128. In a world without rules
  129. In one massive dive
  130. A single life is lost
  131. Beyond this wasteland
  132. National outrage
  133. The whole grandstand
  134. Jeffery was murdered
  135. Down in Southill
  136. Lost his life at 19
  137. Someone getting a thrill
  138. Out with the lads
  139. Shane was the same
  140. Wrong place, wrong time
  141. When the Reaper came
  142. Shane’s culprits got the book
  143. Shopped by their own
  144. The headlines abated
  145. The Shades went home
  146. Jeff’s killers are free
  147. Free as a bird
  148. The contrast is frightening
  149. Comic & absurd
  150.           *
  151. The Shades are a gang
  152. Just like the rest
  153. Rules and omertàs
  154. Behind a fancy crest
  155. They target small fish
  156. Come down with pure hate
  157. Beat us with vengeance
  158. In the Lee of Estate
  159. Yeah, the ‘Big Fish’ sometimes
  160. Whatever that means
  161. Pomp and ceremony
  162. Staged news scenes
  163. The absolute power
  164. At the very top of the tree
  165. Is far removed from reality
  166. From you and from me
  167. No joyrider ruined the country
  168. No dealer broke the bank
  169. No shoplifter shut Anglo
  170. Caused the economy to tank
  171. The developers, the bankers
  172. The politicians, the ‘hoes
  173. Sold the country for a song
  174. And the emperor’s clothes
  175. They thought they were touched
  176. Embodied the Black Swan
  177. Soaring like Icarus
  178. Above waves of Chandon
  179. What happened to those criminals?
  180. Where were the Shades?
  181. Justice in this country
  182. Is just a horse trade
  183. My door is kicked in
  184. For a small bag of dope
  185. ‘White collar crime’?
  186. Just another trope
  187. 200,000,000,000 euros
  188. That’s the scale of their crime
  189. The laughs and the jollies
  190. As they partied the whole time
  191. But is it us or the bankers
  192. Who ends up in jail?
  193. Who cares if the posh boys were guilty
  194. Or the clear paper trail?
  195. They sailed into the sunset
  196. With bags full of loot
  197. Retired or went to college
  198. All far from destitute
  199. The fate of the nameless
  200. The roots of our plight
  201. Were never of real interest
  202. To those talking shite
  203. ‘Regeneration’ was the answer
  204. The goose and golden egg
  205. Manna from heaven
  206. A panacea bootleg