Inferno, Kid: (One-Frame) Animation

‘Inferno, Kid’ is a coming of age tale on a path strewn with vice and vanquished hope. Its anti-hero leaves the reader torn between agency, prejudice and admiration. The piece is set in an area of Limerick City beset by grinding poverty and gangland crime at the turn of the twenty-first century. Its nine chapters offer a gritty framework of poverty, crime and social policy at the turn of the twenty-first century in Ireland. Originally beginning as a spoken word piece, 'Inferno, Kid' is now also being developed as an animation. For more see

Apprentice Programme

The 'Apprentice Programme' pilot (2011-2014) took two promising young people from one of the most marginalised areas in Western Europe and equipped them with all the skills necessary to enter the workforce. Each of the young men finished the three year programme with a ‘Diploma in Youth & Community’, accredited by University College Cork. The Programme had three clear objectives:

  1. To combat youth unemployment in the most marginalised areas
  2. To create a framework whereby a community can nurture & develop local professionals
  3. To support role models in areas of high unemployment & low educational attainment